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Tree Removal Permits Atlanta, GA

Tree removal permits AtlantaAtlanta's urban forest is an important part of the quality of life and character of our neighborhoods. Protecting and permitting the removal of trees can be done either under a building permit or through an application to remove a dead, dying, diseased, or hazardous tree.

The Arborist Division of the City of Atlanta is responsible for reviewing and approving all tree removal plans, and is charged with protecting the city’s tree canopy on private property throughout the City of Atlanta. Failure to obtain a permit before starting work may result in a violation and monetary fines, so check for appropriate permits before removing any tree or pruning any street tree.

Atlanta's Tree Conservation Commission assists in the protection, maintenance, and regeneration of the trees and other forest resources of Atlanta. The Commission hears and decides appeals of decisions of administrative officials related to trees.

Call the tree service professionals at Atlanta Tree Arbors for tree removal jobs in Atlanta, Fulton and DeKalb County.

Do I Need A Tree Permit?

In the City of Atlanta, a permit is required to remove, destroy, or injure any tree on city-owned property, regardless of size, or any tree of 6 inches or greater diameter on private property. There are no exceptions, either by species or present condition.

Public Property
You need a permit to remove, destroy, or injure any tree on city-owned property, regardless of size.

Private Property
You need a permit to remove, destroy, or injure any tree of 6 inches or greater diameter-at-breast-height (dbh) on private property. There are no exceptions, either by species or present condition.

Dead and Dying Trees
You need a permit to remove dead and dying trees from private property. These permits can be obtained free of charge by contacting the Arborist Division.

Source: Tree Conservation Commission
Download: Atlanta Tree Ordinance.pdf

Tree Removal Permits: Decatur & DeKalb County

DeKalb County's tree protection plan seeks to allow homeowners some flexibility in cutting trees, but imposes strict requirements for new developments. For example, you may cut up to five trees a year on a private plot, as long as they are smaller than 30 inches in diameter, and you may cut as many trees as you like fewer than 8 inches in diameter, unless it is a precursor to earthmoving. In the case of earthmoving, which constitutes new development, a more complicated evaluation takes place, which emphasizes a certain level of tree cover for all new developments. You may not cut specimen trees in DeKalb County without a special permit. Source: DeKalb County Homeowner Guide for Tree Removal.pdf

Tree Removal Permits: Marietta, GA

Tree removal in the City of Marietta, GA is is subject to city and Cobb County county zoning ordinance requirements for both residential or commercial property. In general, permits are not required to remove dead or diseased trees from residential property. Permits may be required for Commercial property, depending on where the tree is located.
Source: Marietta Tree Ordinance Fact Sheet November 2006.pdf

Tree Removal Permits: Sandy Springs, GA

In Sandy Springs, a permit must be obtained for the removal of any tree 18” or larger. A specimen tree, 27” hardwood or 30” softwood, requires a site visit from a City Arborist.  Contact Michael Barnett to notify him of your intentions. In many cases, like that of fallen trees or hazardous trees, and email with an attached photo may be acceptable to begin work. 
Source: Sandy Springs Tree Removal Permit Info.pdf

Tree Service Estimate Atlanta GA

We provide insurance and references with every job, and encourage you to visit our references page to read what our customers are saying. Click here to see photos of our work ... then call or schedule an appointment for a free written tree service estimate.

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